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Co-Lab – Opportunities to learn together

Colabs are interactive roundtable seminars usually held in-person. Depending on your context, each theme or subject is unpacked over 2-6 sessions.

  • Compass: a one day colab for leadership teams utilising a bespoke strategic planning tool to assist in mapping the future.
  • Unstuck: a 4 session colab designed to help a leadership team navigate change together.
  • Reset: a more indepth version of Unstuck (requires 6-8 sessions). Moving from Sunday to everyday church. Highly interactive and practical.
  • Tapestry: a one day colab designed for leadership teams to explore and activate Christ’s ministry gifts (Eph 4).
  • Speak: an informative and practical one day colab for individuals to develop preaching and communication skills.
  • Irreplaceable: a one day colab designed for congregations to explore their unique contribution to God’s mission in the world.
  • Unwrapped: an informative and inspirational 4 session colab designed for congregations to explore, discover, and utilise their God-given gifts.
  • Younique: a highly interactive 5 session colab for empowering and mobilising people for mission in their unique context.  


Cohort – Opportunities to explore together

Cohorts provide leaders from various backgrounds the environment to explore a subject, an issue, or a book in greater depth; grappling with ideas, implications, and possible applications. Usually conducted via Zoom, and depending on the group, will consist of 4-8 sessions over an agreed period. 

  •  Compass: utilising a bespoke strategic planning tool, leaders will learn new skills for mapping the future and discuss principles applicable to their context.
  • Unstuck: a 4 session cohort designed for local church pastors and leaders to navigate change and difficult seasons together in a supportive environment.
  • Reset: Moving from Sunday-centric traditional models to hybrid models of church.
  • Tapestry: a 6-8 session cohort designed to explore how Christ’s ministry gifts are activated and shape our local church and church planting contexts.

CoP – Opportunities to practise together

CoP stands for ‘Community of Practice’. As the name infers, these provide leaders with a supportive accountability environment while they take the necessary time to interpret new principles and concepts, discern how to implement new practices and innovations in their given context. Conducted via Zoom, CoPs will usually consist of 10-12 monthly sessions.

  • Reset: Join a group of leaders who are exploring news ways of doing church. From Sunday-centric to everyday. From spectators to disciples. From traditional to hybrid. From attractional to missional incarnational.
  • Tapestry: Join a group of leaders who are seeking to activate, implement and reframe their church, business or organisation according to Christ’s APEST gifts outlined in Ephesians 4.

Coach – Opportunities to walk together

Coaching is about helping leaders thrive, to discern the times, to navigate change, and embrace new possibilities. Coaching can be designed for individual leaders and form part of their professional development plan, or take the form of a planned monthly conversation. Group coaching is also available for leadership teams. Coaching is normally over a 12-24 month period.

Communicator – Opportunities to share together

Gary is available to contribute as a speaker at church services, team meetings, training institutions, conferences, seminars, and cohorts led by other leaders.

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